Visa and Mastercard block Pornhub: will the cryptos save it?

Visa and Mastercard block Pornhub: will the cryptos save it?

The news of the last few hours concerning the world of porn and PornHub in particular is shocking, as the erotic entertainment giant has had its credit card payment channel closed by both Visa and Mastercard.

The news is undoubtedly important and is happening almost a year after the PayPal shutdown which prevented Pornhub from receiving BitQT payments through the service.

At this point cryptos could be a solution

As early as last year, PornHub started accepting other payment systems and turned its gaze to the crypto world by opening up several cryptos and even stablecoins such as USDT, demonstrating good versatility.

Of course even the most famous crypto, Bitcoin, has been added as a payment method along with Litecoin (LTC), effectively expanding the user base that can have these assets.

Surely this is an excellent example of the centralized system we live in, determined by payment system giants that from one day to the next can disconnect and cut off our main payment and credit line.

And it is precisely here that the cryptos are positioned, since they do not need any intermediary and cannot be censored by anyone. This is no small advantage as once the system is integrated there will be no one to stop it or additional costs to keep it active.

Moreover, we remind you that there are already tokens prepared for this sector and it would be enough to simply adopt them, such as the one linked to PornVisory (PVY), token that has been designed to meet these needs of the sector.

We are talking about a very multifaceted token because not only will it be possible to earn it by watching videos on the platform, but it can also be used as a payment to buy items in the sector. Having the advantage of being pseudo-anonymous, it avoids seeing compromising entries on our credit card statement.