How to bet on the NBA preseason with Bitcoin?

The NBA preseason started and with it, the opportunities to generate profits betting with Bitcoin at the 1xBit casino.

The best basketball on the planet is here, and basketball fans couldn’t be more excited. The NBA preseason has begun with several top-level games during the holidays. Not only does this represent a great opportunity for entertainment, but also for generating large profits by betting on these games. That’s why today we’ll explain how to bet on the NBA preseason with Bitcoin.
The NBA preseason begins

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is without a doubt the best basketball league on the planet. The entire circuit of selection and training of the athletes who participate in this competition is so exhaustive that it guarantees that the best players on the planet will participate in this tournament.

That is why the NBA attracts millions of fans from all over the world, even before the start of the regular season where the next champion of the league will be decided, in what is known as the preseason. A series of games during which teams warm up before the regular season.

Thus, in this series of games you can see the state of the teams before the start of the league, the performance of the players, and games between great teams without the pressure of the regular season. In the next few days, top level games will be played, such as the Cleveland Cavaliers against the Charlotte Hornets this December 25, or the expected Los Angeles Lakers against the Spurs on January 1, 2021.

How to bet with Bitcoin?

Of course, the NBA preseason isn’t just a top-level sporting event. It’s also an opportunity for crypto users to generate profits by placing bets with Bitcoin. This is thanks to the existence of online casinos with an important history, such as 1xBit.

Thus, in 1xBit, we will have the opportunity to bet on any game of the NBA preseason that we want, using Bitcoin or any other crypto currency of our preference. To do this, all you have to do is register on the 1xBit platform, deposit the amount of the cryptomonnea you want to bet, and go to the sports section of the online casino.

At 1xBit you can bet with your favorite crypto currenciesAt 1xBit you can bet with your favorite crypto currencies.

Once there, we must enter the section dedicated to the games of the NBA, where a list with the next games of the league will be displayed before us. You only have to choose the game of your preference, and the aspects of it in which you want to bet. Whether it is who will be the winner of the game, if there will be extra time in the game, and any other aspect we think we can predict.
Betting on the NBA preseason with Bitcoin is very easy in 1xBitBetting on the NBA preseason with Bitcoin is very easy in 1xBit.

All this using the 1xBit platform, with a great experience and recognition in the world of online casinos. You can enjoy the anonymity that crypto currencies provide, as well as the possibility of betting from any country in the world. So generate profits with the preseason of the NBA will be very easy with 1xBit.

El gigante bancario español BBVA planea lanzar servicios de criptodivisa

Lo más destacado:

  • Según un informe de CoinDesk, el gigante bancario español BBVA planea lanzar servicios de custodia y comercio de criptodólares
  • El servicio se lanzará desde Suiza, pero estará dirigido al mercado europeo en su conjunto.
  • Se informa que el BBVA utilizará la solución de custodia criptográfica SILO creada por Avaloq y METACO

El banco español BBVA está planeando ofrecer servicios de custodia y comercio de criptografía.

El gigante bancario español BBVA planea lanzar servicios de criptodivisa, según un informe de CoinDesk. Una de las dos fuentes (sin nombre) de la publicación dijo que los servicios de criptografía de BBVA se lanzarán desde Suiza, pero estarán disponibles en toda Europa. Según esa fuente, podríamos ver el servicio de criptodivisa en funcionamiento ya en enero de 2021, ya que „algunos obstáculos de cumplimiento“ están impidiendo un lanzamiento en diciembre.

La oferta, que según se informa se centrará en las criptodivisas y no en otros tipos de activos digitales, consistirá en un servicio de custodia de criptodivisas (es decir, de almacenamiento seguro), y en su comercialización.

Para sus necesidades de custodia de criptodivisas, se informa de que BBVA ha recurrido a SILO, una solución de custodia de criptodivisas desarrollada por la empresa de software bancario Avaloq y la empresa suiza de criptodivisas METACO. La solución de custodia SILO también es aprovechada por Gazprombank, que ya está ofreciendo servicios de criptografía desde Suiza.

Una de las fuentes de CoinDesk dijo que hay importantes requisitos de cumplimiento que deben cumplirse antes de que el BBVA pueda lanzar sus servicios de criptodivisa:

„El proyecto tiene que pasar por varios procesos para obtener luz verde y convertirse en una realidad“.

La creciente presencia institucional en el mercado de la cripto moneda

El informe sobre el BBVA es otra indicación de que el mundo de las finanzas principales está considerando muy seriamente los activos criptográficos. Esta tendencia es verdaderamente global – el DBS Bank, el mayor banco de Singapur publicó accidentalmente un sitio web a finales de octubre, mostrando que ha estado trabajando en una plataforma de intercambio de cripto-moneda.

En los Estados Unidos, la Oficina del Contralor de la Moneda (OCC) dijo que los bancos estadounidenses están autorizados a mantener criptodivisas en nombre de sus clientes.

Este año, también hemos visto un aumento en la entrada de productos de inversión de criptodivisas de grado institucional (sobre todo los ofrecidos por Grayscale), informes de aumento de los volúmenes de comercio de criptodivisas de la OCC, así como inversiones de Bitcoin de empresas que cotizan en bolsa (MicroStrategy, Square). Todos estos factores indican que la presencia institucional en los mercados de criptodivisas tiende a aumentar.

Por no mencionar que varios inversores destacados han revelado que llevan mucho tiempo en Bitcoin, incluyendo jugadores legendarios como Paul Tudor Jones y Stanley Druckenmiller.

The “Stable Act”, a new American law, could derail DeFi and stablecoins

A new law in the United States could pose a danger to stablecoins and the industry as a whole.

This new law could jeopardize up to a trillion dollars in transactions.

Regulatory crackdowns like this could lead to an exodus from US shores for stablecoin issuers

The decentralized finance ecosystem is growing rapidly and is starting to gain the attention of regulators. A new law in the United States could put stablecoins and the industry at risk.

Stablecoins are the backbone of DeFi, as they provide the lion’s share of liquidity in the ever-growing number of yield holdings and lending incentives. New regulatory measures could put trillion-dollar deals in the nascent financial industry at risk, according to a new study from IntoTheBlock.

Demand for and issuance of stablecoins surged in 2020. Tether alone has increased its market capitalization and supply by almost 400% since January. There are now more than $ 20 billion in USDT in circulation, and regulators are starting to worry.

What is the Stable Act

A new bill from the US Congress called the “Stable Act” proposes strict regulations for issuers of stable currency such as Tether. The most important proposition is that all stablecoin issuers must have a banking charter or license, which is not currently the case.

As the latest Defiant newsletter indicates , such a crackdown could pose a significant threat to the DeFi industry, which is largely fueled by stablecoins such as USDT, USDT, and DAI .

The Stable Act also provides for the introduction of a Federal Reserve reporting and approval requirement at least six months prior to any new stablecoin issuance. Continuous auditing will also be a new requirement if the bill is passed. Another proposed rule is insuring or storing stablecoin reserves directly at the Federal Reserve, making it easier to convert to USD on demand.

If the Stable Act is passed, it will have a huge impact on the entire crypto industry.

Multi-billion dollar transactions

According to IntoTheBlock analyst Lucas Outumuro, who wrote the article, transactions involving stablecoins could be illegal if these strict regulations come into effect.

As of 2020, the cumulative amount of transactions made so far between USDT, USDC and DAI is over $ 1.04 trillion, which would be considered illegal if the Stable Act were passed at this time. moment .

He added that centralized stablecoins such as USDT and USDC , which now have more than $ 3.3 billion in circulation, could apply for a banking charter and meet the new strict requirements, but decentralized assets such as the DAI would be in trouble.

In addition, the bill also targets stablecoin validation software, which is considered illegal if it is not registered as a chartered bank. This would put Ethereum in the crosshairs since the majority of current stablecoins are based on the ERC-20 standard.

The European Central Bank has also warned against stablecoins and a major regulatory move like this could lead to an exodus of stablecoin issuers from the United States.

Visa and Mastercard block Pornhub: will the cryptos save it?

Visa and Mastercard block Pornhub: will the cryptos save it?

The news of the last few hours concerning the world of porn and PornHub in particular is shocking, as the erotic entertainment giant has had its credit card payment channel closed by both Visa and Mastercard.

The news is undoubtedly important and is happening almost a year after the PayPal shutdown which prevented Pornhub from receiving BitQT payments through the service.

At this point cryptos could be a solution

As early as last year, PornHub started accepting other payment systems and turned its gaze to the crypto world by opening up several cryptos and even stablecoins such as USDT, demonstrating good versatility.

Of course even the most famous crypto, Bitcoin, has been added as a payment method along with Litecoin (LTC), effectively expanding the user base that can have these assets.

Surely this is an excellent example of the centralized system we live in, determined by payment system giants that from one day to the next can disconnect and cut off our main payment and credit line.

And it is precisely here that the cryptos are positioned, since they do not need any intermediary and cannot be censored by anyone. This is no small advantage as once the system is integrated there will be no one to stop it or additional costs to keep it active.

Moreover, we remind you that there are already tokens prepared for this sector and it would be enough to simply adopt them, such as the one linked to PornVisory (PVY), token that has been designed to meet these needs of the sector.

We are talking about a very multifaceted token because not only will it be possible to earn it by watching videos on the platform, but it can also be used as a payment to buy items in the sector. Having the advantage of being pseudo-anonymous, it avoids seeing compromising entries on our credit card statement.

Swiss Exchange SIX and SBI plan crypto exchange and issuing platform in Singapore

SIX Digital Exchange and SBI Digital Asset Holdings want to jointly set up an issuing and trading platform for digital assets in Singapore.

The SIX Swiss Exchange and SBI Digital Asset Holdings want to create the leading liquidity hub for digital assets in Singapore through a joint venture, according to SIX in a press release on December 8th. The day before the SIX already had a stake in the founded by Swisscom and Sygnum joint venture Custodigit announced .

Big crypto liquidity boost planned

The still-to-be-founded joint venture in Singapore is scheduled to start in 2022, subject to approval by the local financial watchdog. In addition to an exchange and issuing platform for digital assets, a separate depository for tokens is also to be created.

The trading center, described by SIX as the “most important liquidity hub for institutional digital assets in Singapore” in the future, is intended to realize synergy effects and is primarily aimed at professional players. Bitcoin Investor writes about the plans:

“The joint venture will sell directly to regulated institutional clients using technologies from both companies to provide services such as issuing, listing, trading, CSD infrastructure and custody of digital assets and cryptocurrencies. It will benefit from the extensive network of SIX Digital Exchange in Switzerland and Europe and the network of SBI in Asia and will have access to the expertise of both companies in meeting the needs of institutional clients. “

The Singapore project would also benefit from the previously announced participation in Custodit, which is intended to create an “institutional gateway for digital assets”. Here, too, SIX is primarily focusing on institutional investors:

“The gateway will support the entire asset value chain, from trading and smart order routing to settlement and custody to access to secondary markets. This partnership provides banks and their customers with reliable, secure, compliant and seamless access to cryptocurrencies and digital assets. “

Subject to the respective regulatory approvals, the project is to be launched in the first quarter of 2021 and offer “an initial joint service” by the partners. In the further course of the year, the capacities are then to be “significantly expanded”.

Next step after Omniex participation

The partnership between SIX and Custodigit builds on the investment made in February in the San Francisco-based developer for crypto trading platforms Omniex. The cooperation gives customers of the Swiss stock exchange regulated access to crypto exchanges and OTC markets.